7/101: Santa Hat Party Mix

The past five days have been rough.  It seems everyone’s been getting sick, and I caught it on Friday.  Today I felt a bit better in that my throat didn’t hurt, but instead my stomach hurt from coughing so much.  And I had a massive headache.  So even though I hate to, I called in sick to my second job and I am glad because I wouldn’t have made it through the night.

I’ve been trying to come up with a good gift to give out to family and friends and these are just too cute.  I made them for our annual cookie swap (as my snack, not my cookie) and they went over well.  I just noticed today after having made them twice, that the recipe says to add butter to the melted discs, which would probably help the process of dipping them go smoother.

I originally wanted to only make hats to give as gifts, but they are too time consuming for the quantity.  Plus, the snack mix has peanuts and cranberries in it, so that makes it healthy.  ;)

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